4 Cool Spots in the Smoky Mountains You Should Check Out

fairy house in the Smoky Mountains

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is full of natural features, from mountain views to waterfalls. Even with all this beauty, there are some exceptional spots you won’t find anywhere else. We want to share some of these places in the national park with you. Here are 4 cool spots in the Smoky Mountains you should check out:

1. Troll Bridge in Elkmont

troll bridge in elkmont in the smoky mountainsIf whimsical places are your thing, then you have to go to the troll bridge in Elkmont. You will take Little River Trail to get to this unique place. About 100 feet into the trail, there’s a small walkway. Go down this walkway, and you will find the troll bridge. This little gem was built around the same time wealthy vacationers would spend time in their summer homes in Elkmont, which you can also see along this trail.

2. Ghost Town in Elkmont

You’ll not only see old remains of cottages in Elkmont, you can also see the Elkmont ghost town. Elkmont used to be a logging town when pioneers first came to the Smoky Mountains. Then, this area was later turned into a resort for wealthy people who lived in Knoxville. Eventually, the land was turned into the national park, and the people who lived in this area had leases until the 1990s. However, the last resident finally left in 2001. The National Park Service was going to demolish everything in the area, but in 1994, this little area was put on the National Register of Historic Places.

3. Fire Tower on Mt. Cammerer

mt cammerer in the smoky mountainsAnother cool place in the Smoky Mountains you should see is the fire tower at the summit of Mount Cammerer. This is a great spot for hiker hobbyists because of the difficult nature of the Low Gap Trail. The roundtrip length is 11.9 miles. The first portion of the trail is the most difficult, but it flattens out around the 4 mile mark. Once you reach the top, you’ll be able to see miles and miles of mountain views. You can get 360 degree views when you walk on the fire tower. It was restored in 1995 and was originally built in the 1930s.

4. House of the Fairies

One unique place that’s fairly well hidden in the Smoky Mountains is the House of the Fairies. To get to this spot, you will need to hike on Twin Creeks Trail. It’s about 4.5 miles roundtrip and considered easy. This area belonged to a man named Louis E. Voorheis. He named it Twin Creeks because of the two creeks running through his property. Voorheis loved to invent and build, especially anything that had to do with water. One of his creations was the spring house, which is what is known today as the House of the Fairies. It is slightly off the trail. Once you pass the Resource Center, there’s a small walkway that juts off the path. You should follow this to get to the spring house.

These are just a few neat places you should check out when you visit the Smoky Mountains. Wondering what else you are going to do when you stay with us? Check out these Pigeon Forge attractions to find some fun things to do!

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