4 Perks of Staying in Our Pigeon Forge Hotel with an Indoor Pool and Hot Tub

Indoor pool at Park Grove Inn Pigeon Forge Tn

When it comes to hotels in Pigeon Forge with indoor pools and hot tubs, we are the best place for you to stay! Indoor pools have a lot of benefits, and we are going to let you know about 4 perks of staying at our Pigeon Forge hotel with an indoor pool and hot tub!

1. You’ll save money when it comes to cooling off

The best part about staying in our Pigeon Forge hotel with an indoor pool and hot tub is that you can save money! You may be scratching your head a little at this, so let us explain. You won’t have to pay to get into a water park or to do anything in town to try and cool off on a hot day. You can just return to our hotel and cool off in our indoor pool. Or, if it’s been a long day of hiking and you have a few sore muscles, just take a seat in our hot tub and relax!

2. You can use them on rainy daysIndoor hot tub Park Grove Inn

If the weather isn’t perfect, don’t worry. You can just walk down to our indoor pool and hot tub to enjoy yourself on a rainy day. If you don’t want to swim, just take a book or magazine with you to keep entertained while you’re spending time at the pool!

3. It’s a great way to have some quality family time

Vacations are best when you go with your family because you get to catch up and wind down which is probably much different than your day-to-day schedule. You and your significant other or you and the kids can head to the pool to play all sorts of games and just spend some fun, quality time together. You can play classic pool games like Marco Polo or any games your kids might make up on the fly. They will just be happy doing something with you and you will enjoy making new memories with your kids.

small boy smiling and splashing in swimming pool4. Our indoor pool is accessible 24/7

Sometimes you don’t want to go to the pool or hot tub in the middle of the day. You’d rather just visit it when there will be less people or maybe you just like swimming at night better. Our indoor pool is open 24/7 for our guests to use. Since it’s open all hours, you will definitely have the opportunity to enjoy the indoor pool and hot tub without having to rearrange your plans. This helps set our hotel apart from other hotels in Pigeon Forge with an indoor pool!

Reserve Your Stay at Our Pigeon Forge Hotel with an Indoor Pool & Hot Tub

Start planning your vacation to Pigeon Forge today! Our Pigeon Forge hotel with an indoor pool and hot tub is located within walking distance to many attractions, restaurants and shops, so we know you’ll have a great time no matter what you choose to do. Take a look at all of our Pigeon Forge hotel rooms to choose the one that’s best for your getaway to the mountains.

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