4 Things to do in Pigeon Forge When it Rains

child on a rainy day in boots with an umbrella

You can bet the rainy day blues with these fun things to do in Pigeon Forge when it rains.

1. See a Movieforge cinema in pigeon forge

The thought of movie popcorn alone is probably enough to convince you to go see a movie. When it’s a rainy day on vacation, going out to see a movie with your family or loved one will keep you dry and entertained. Pigeon Forge has two movie theaters:

  •  Forge Cinemas – Forge Cinemas is very affordable with $5 movies all day long. It typically has less people than the other theater, but it still plays the most popular and current movies out. The seats are stadium style, and plushy, and the theater is equipped with surround-sound. The Forge Cinema Theater is less than a five minute walk from the Park Grove Inn.
  • Governor’s Crossing Stadium 14– Governor’s Crossing is twice as big as the Forge Cinema. It plays popular current movies and keeps some older ones for longer. It also has stadium seating, but the chairs at this theater recline so you can chill out and relax. This theater does see more traffic and people unlike the other, so you probably won’t get that “theater all to yourself” experience.

2. TopJump Trampoline Park

Need something to wear the kids out? A trampoline park will do it! This is one of the best things to do to keep your kids active even on a rainy day. TopJump Trampoline Park has a large open jump area, a clip and climb ninja area, and an arcade. You and the kids can try to land a slam dunk, try your best at dodgeball, and more! This is one the most active and fun things to do in Pigeon Forge when it rains.

3. MagiQuest

MagiQuest is four attractions in one, and is one of the best things to do in Pigeon Forge when it rains. The four attractions are:

  • MagiQuest: immerse yourself in live-action role play as you become q player who explores a fantasy world overcoming puzzles and challenges in order to advance farther on your quest!
  • Special FX Pirate Golf: This 18 hole miniature golf course is set in a Caribbean pirate village. You’ll putt putt across a pirate ship, through the pirate village, and hopefully make it the final hole where if you’re lucky enough to make a whole in one Blackbeard himself will sing to you.
  • The Vault-:Ready to see how flexible and stealthy you are? Try your best to make it through a maze of lasers without touching any! Sound too easy? You’re only given a certain amount of time!
  • Odyssey Mirror Maze Adventure: How good is your sense of direction and memory? Put yourself to the test when you enter this 5,000 sqft mirror maze where lights bounce around and music plays. You may end up lost enough that you find the secret infinity room!

You can learn more and purchase tickets for MagiQuest here!

WonderWorks in Pigeon Forge decorated for Christmas holidays4. WonderWorks

Maybe you saw an upside down building when you came into Pigeon Forge. That building is WonderWorks, it is a highly interactive museum that’s tons of family fun! It takes learning to a new level with exhibits that defy gravity, create realistic weather situations, and show off virtual reality. You won’t experience anything else quite like these when you’re looking for things to do in Pigeon Forge when it rains.

Now you know of some things to do in Pigeon Forge when it rains, next you need to decide which hotel room at the Park Grove Inn is perfect your vacation. You won’t have to worry about a cozy room, a great location, or a rainy vacation day, because the Park Grove Inn has got your covered.

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